Wall decoration

Wall Papers

Wallpaper, as dress of wall, always imparts different feelings, romantic or enthusiastic, calm or charming, to the whole interior, as a traditional decoration material, wallpaper nowadays is indispensable in interior design and endowed with a brand new appearance with the rapid development of modern technology, combining both the traditional style and the fashionable elements.

 Therefore, At WALLENZO, You can choose the wallpaper according to your own desire and demand  to create your personalized space, for an example: urban citizens can

choose wall papers full of nature elements to keep in touch with “Nature”. In all, whatever style you want of a space, Dark or Bright, Splendid or Simple, Popular or Peculiar, Wallpaper can help.

Besides in residential space, you can extensively employed in public space, Such as “Office”, “Restaurant”, “Bar”, “Shopping Mall”, “Entertainment Centre” and so on. With suitable wallpaper, the space, whether residential or public, will look more distinctive.

WALLENZO has a tremendous of Wallpapers around different country, which is from Holland, Italy, France, Taiwan, China, Germany, Argentina, Belgium and Korea.


Let’s Dress up your whole house with WALLENZO’s wallpaper, you’ll never want to paint again. Benefits of using wallpaper for your house decoration.

  • Finger print & dust can easily wash away
  • Look tidy & Exclusive
  • Hide all bumpy wall
  • Last 7 – 10 years
  • Increase house value
  • Quick installation with no smell
  • Add character & creates cozy atmosphere